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 About Us - Our Purpose and Goals

We are a worldwide group of people who have our Jam?son family roots in Ulster, Ireland. We began collaborating back in the mid 2000s, by sharing details of our individual Ulster roots amongst ourselves, mostly by email. It soon became obvious we needed a better way to do this - and to have everything in one place, so that we might individually and collectively better study and discover any common connections. We also felt that there would be a benefit in doing this in a way that might attract and involve an increasing number of Jam?son descendants from that same area with the same interests.

It was decided to do this on the web in the form of a common database, so that we no longer had to rehash our individual families every time some new information or new co-conspirator came along. That was the beginning of "Ulster Jam?sons," the website you see here now. We like to think of ourselves as a cooperative of people with a common interest - learning more about our Jam?son ancestors in Ulster, through sharing of our individual knowledge, big or small.

What you will find here on our website, is series of mostly skeletal, often incomplete, sometimes bare bones collection of generally unrelated genealogies of any Jam?son families we've found. Some from our own individual families and others from official and unofficial repositories and other sources.

As much as we try to validate everything we compile, some of the information contained in these genealogies is unvetted, or unsubstantiated and may not be otherwise corroborated, proven, or cited as to a source. Peripheral information, such as military involvement or occupation, even specific dates or burial locations are the heart of most genealogies and family histories, but are not always so important to our purpose and goals. So, we the owners, operators and participants of this site, wish to discourage anyone from using much of the information in our databases without independent confirmation. Furthermore, we assume no responsibility for any information in this part of our site, nor do we wish to share what we don't believe we can stand behind. Almost all of the information we have gathered here is available elsewhere in the public domain and we recommend anyone interested in any other Jam?sons seek such information where it can be been better documented and proven.

Individually we are happy to share what we know about our own families and what we have learned about other Jam?son families, but we prefer to only do this with other like minded people, willing to do similarly. Collectively we have decided to keep our website mostly private, with full access only intended for the collaborative use of participating genealogists and like minded family members, as a working area to hopefully better develop and then share amongst ourselves.

We also wish to encourage and help all of our participants to DNA test so to help us see if we can't better figure out family connections where there are no apparently clear traditional connections. Our goal is that by creating a Y-DNA profile for each of these distinct families, so that we then can better determine who belongs and who might not belong to any given family. With DNA testing results we also expected to help in widening existing Jam?son families as well as better understand even older historical connections.

What you may find here, is by it's very nature, a perpetual work in progress and subject to change with not only new found information, but newly considered analysis as well as improvements in technology and recovery.

As always, we would appreciate any and all comments and/or corrections to any information, or anything else pertaining to this website. Contact Us please.

So please considering joining us by requesting here a registered user account. We'll get that approved as quickly as possible and then you too can be part of our Ulster Jamesons Project.